The CUNY Work/Life Program is an important benefit for all employees and their families. The program is offered through Corporate Counseling Associates (CCA) at no charge to the employee or members of the employee’s family to help them balance the demands of their professional and personal lives.

The CUNY Work/Life website offers employees hundreds of educational articles, useful tips and Internet resources in addition to monthly webinars on various topics.  Upcoming seminars include:

“The Mind-Body Connection” (Tuesday, Jan. 20 — Noon or 2:00pm [60 Minutes])- Learn to recognize and manage stressful situations, practice relaxation techniques, and understand the benefits of making the mind-body connection.

“Financial Fitness-Living within a Realistic Budget” (Tuesday, Feb. 17 -Noon or 2:00pm [60 Minutes]) – Living within a budget can seem restrictive, similar to being on a diet. Learn about common money mistakes as well as practical and realistic tips for living within a budget.

“Practical Strategies to Stay Safe” (Tuesday, Mar. 17 – Noon or 2:00pm [60 Minutes]) – Learn strategies to keep you and your family safe in case of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, or other emergencies.

To register, go online and enter Company Code:  CUNY. Then, scroll down to “Online Seminars” and register for the selected Webinar.