On Wednesday, May 20 starting at 8:30pm, weather permitting, please join us on a journey to our solar system’s brightest objects, viewing them in a telescope. We’ll see Saturn and its rings. Jupiter is also in the lineup. Jupiter’s weather patterns and its Galilean moons played a roll in overthrowing the geocentric view of the universe. Folks argued if the Earth moved, then we would lose the Moon. Galileo demonstrated that Jupiter does not lose its moons so we will not lose ours if the Earth moves. In addition, the View of Venus that we will see was also used by Galileo to attempt to overthrow the superstitious beliefs of his time. This  Venusian view  of quarter Venus is not possible if the Earth was the center of the universe. We will also take you to the lunar surface to see the mountains, crater,s and maria as an astronaut approaching the moon at a distance of 25,000 miles would see. The latter is a special favorite of young folks, so bring a kid.

Call the Observatory at 718.982.3260 one hour before viewing time if the weather looks questionable.  Rain and/or heavy clouds will cancel the viewing, but we will stay open with clear skies or a few clouds.