The summer four-day workweek program is in effect for the 2015 season. The program is in effect beginning today, Monday, June 22, through Friday, August 7. Practices for the workweek, including Independence Day, shall be the same as in the preceding years.

The Independence Day holiday will be observed on Friday, July 3; during that week, staff will have four regular un-extended workdays on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The workday for full-time clerical, administrative, and non-teaching instructional staff employees is 8¾ hours plus an additional 45 minutes for lunch from Monday through Thursday (for example, a shift that starts at 8:00am will end at 5:30pm, Monday through Thursday, with Friday off).

As a reminder, all Public Safety, Buildings and Grounds, and 220 Titles are exempt from participating and remain on their normal Monday through Sunday shifts.