Tentatively, during the period of Monday, Sept. 14 through Friday, Sept. 25, the Office of Technology Systems will be conducting its yearly computer inventory. Please be advised that we will need access to all rooms to verify computer serial numbers as well as installing an agent that will aid with future computer inventory processes.

At the same time, Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus will be installed on all desktop computers in your department. During the installation process, user data will not be accessed or changed.

In order to successfully complete this project, the following tasks will be performed:

1)    A member of the OTS staff will visit your department to check the status of computers and initiate the remote installation.

2)    The version of Office is checked

3)    The previous version of the Office is un-installed

4)    Microsoft Office 13 Professional Plus is installed

5)    The license is activated

6)    A follow-up call will be performed to make sure that the process has completed successfully.

There are minimal differences between Office 2010 and 2013. For more information, go online.

Training for the Microsoft Office 2013 packages will be available throughout the  fall semester. Please visit the OTS Helpdesk Webpage for available training dates.

Please feel free to contact me or OTS Helpdesk (718.982.3695) if you need any additional information.