On Wednesday, Sept. 2, we will begin scanning equipment for the 2015 re-inventory. Unless advised to the contrary, all department liaisons will remain the same and will be contacted by a member of the Property Management Department for appointments when necessary. The results of this scanning will generate the Not Found List that you will receive after this initial scanning. Please be aware that CUNY barcode tags on “at-home” or “off-campus” equipment (laptops, iPads, etc.) will need to be available; this information may be emailed directly to
georganne.sassano@csi.cuny.edu. Failure to comply will create a significant risk of funding reductions for your department as well as the College.

As in the past, we will strive to be as accommodating as possible and the least disruptive to your work day.

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation during this scanning procedure.