Join us for a free eight-week health and wellness program for employees/staff at the College of Staten Island. It is “barrier-free” as it is free to all employees/staff. Now is the perfect time  for this program. Research shows that Americans gain anywhere from eight to ten pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. This phenomenon is linked to the numerous New Year’s resolutions that follow to lose weight/get fit. The rationale here is that if people gain knowledge and improve their physical well-being before and during the holidays; there will be an increased awareness during the holidays about what one chooses to eat and how important it is to stay active.

From an ergonomic viewpoint, additional rationale for the importance of this program is that employees/staff who are healthier (i.e, understand better food choices and engage in physical activity) are found to be happier and more productive. This program is a pilot and will be sponsored/administered by the School of Health Sciences with coordination and assistance from the CSI Association, Sports and Recreation, and the Human Resource Department.

The proposed kick-off event would be a breakfast event on Friday, Oct. 16 in the Campus Center (Building 1C) at 8:30am. The program will be explained and optional baseline measurements can be taken, and of course, a healthy breakfast will be provided. Prior to the kick-off event, email blasts and other forms of announcements will occur with an RSVP to motivate the attendance at the kick-off event. For those individuals opting to have their baseline measurements taken, a report card will be available where their results are recorded (BP, weight, BMI, flexibility, etc.). These measurements will be taken by nursing and physical therapy students from the School of Health Sciences.

The eight-week initiative will begin the week of Friday, Oct. 16. People can join at any point in the eight-week cycle as the goal is to engage as many CSI employees/staff as possible. During the  eight weeks, a calendar will be in place with weekly events consisting of:

(1)    Educational sessions (once a week at 8:30am, locations TBA)  and physical activity classes ( held at 5:30pm, once a week)

(2)    Physical activity classes

(a) All can attend any classes offered in the Sports and Recreation Center (Building 1R) free

(During this time period you do not need to be a member.)

(b) Special classes will be announced and held (Fitness Supervisors)

(3) Walking sessions (will be held two times a week – Mondays and Thursdays at 12:15pm at

the track)

The eight weeks end on Friday, Dec. 11 with a Grand Finale breakfast at which optional final measurements could be obtained, and well wishes given to all who attend for a wonderful, healthy upcoming holiday season.