The personal safety of College of Staten Island students, staff, faculty, and visitors is of primary importance.

In the wake of last week’s tragedy at Umpqua Community College in Oregon and the social media threat posted by a former CSI student, the Office of Public Safety and the College’s Emergency Management Response Team are reviewing our present security procedures and emergency operation plans in order to further refine strategies to help prevent incidents of violence from occurring on our campus, and to ensure an effective response in the event that one is needed.

A safe campus must be achieved through the active involvement of all members of the CSI family. In the interest of preparedness for potential issues, the Office of Public Safety has been continuously providing the campus community with trainings and workshops in partnership with law enforcement agencies. Recent programs include the FBI’s Active Shooter Survival Training and NYPD Shield, a counter-terrorism training program.

Shooting incidents are often difficult to predict, but many serious shootings are preceded by warning signs that are either ignored or unrecognized.

Please proactively review the measures below to assist with reducing the threat of violence and maintaining the safety of our campus.

  • Comply with the CSI ID/Access policy and speak with Public Safety Officers of any concerns.
  • Immediately report violent incidents or threats of violence to Public Safety at extension 2111.
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity to Public Safety at extension 2111.
  • Review the College’s Emergency Procedures Guide, which includes information regarding Active Shooter, Bomb Threats, Civil Disturbances, Crimes in Progress, Hostage Situations, Lockdown Plan, as well as Suspicious Mail and Suspected Terrorism.
  • Become familiar with workplace violence policies and procedures.
  • Be familiar with all fire exits on your floor.
  • Sign up for CUNY Alert.

In the event that there is an active shooting incident on campus, please be familiar with the guidelines below, excerpted from the Active Shooter on Campus Webpage.

When an active shooter or a hostile person is actively causing death or serious bodily injury or the threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury to a person within a building, we recommend that the following procedures be implemented.

There are three basic options in response to an active shooter on campus:

  • Evacuate – Run: If you think that you can safely make it out of the building by running, then do so. If you see members of the campus community fleeing from a particular area, this is a clear indication that the threat is in that area and may be coming toward you.
  • Lock yourself in – Hide: If you are near an office, lab, or room that locks from the inside, this will be a good option. Remember, most classrooms cannot be locked from the inside. Turn off lights, lock windows, remain quiet and calm. Call 911 and Public Safety at 718.982.2111.
  • Take action – Fight: Engage as a last resort, when your life is in danger. Act as aggressively as possible.
  • Actions to Avoid: Do not run in a straight line. Do not sound the fire alarm. Do not scream.

Whatever option seems best for you, always call Public Safety at extension 2111, Citywide 911 services by dialing 9.911 from College phones, and always obey Public Safety and/or police commands and warn others.

Please call Director of Public Safety Robert A. Wilson at 718.982.2111 if you have any questions or concerns.