The Early Advisement Period has begun.

March is here and spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning for summer/fall 2016 academic pursuits.

As an exciting new initiative, effective this March 2016, students who meet with their faculty mentor or professional advisor during the early advisement periods will be issued a new enrollment access date, which allows them to register for their classes before those in their peer groups.  Students can get the classes they want during the times that they want them.  By meeting with their advisor during March, they will be able to register earlier than most others.

The Registration Period for summer/fall 2016 runs from Tuesday, Apr. 5  to Friday,  May 13, and enrollment access dates continue to be assigned based upon the number of credits completed. However, advisors will assign those students who are advised during March’s Early Advisement Month a new earlier access date, enabling them to register for classes before those who don’t take advantage of this new initiative–even if they have more credits completed. In short, students who are advised during the month of March will have the opportunity to register (in credits-completed order) for their classes on (but not before) the following days:

1.      FALL 2016 EARLY ADVISEMENT SENIORS: Tuesday, Apr. 5 beginning at 9:00am.

2.      FALL 2016 EARLY ADVISEMENT JUNIORS: Wednesday, Apr. 6 beginning at 9:00am.

3.      FALL 2016 EARLY ADVISEMENT SOPHOMORES: Thursday, Apr. 7 beginning at 9:00am.

4.      FALL 2016 EARLY ADVISEMENT FRESHMEN: Friday, Apr. 8 beginning at 9:00am.

While students may always register at any point on or after their assigned date and time, we strongly recommend completing your summer/fall course enrollment as early as possible.

CSI actively endorses proactive preparation and encourages students to take full advantage of the opportunities to meet with their designated advisors to discuss course eligibility and future plans. Students should click on the helpful links below and take steps now to meet with the advisors in CAAS or their faculty mentors before Friday, Apr. 1, in order to be fully prepared for summer and fall priority registration:

-Information to help students prepare for Early Advisement

Degree Audit, educational plans, and other academic tools

Faculty Advisor Office Hour information 

-Professional Advisor Office Hour information

We hope that you are having a great spring semester, and we look forward to assisting you.