The College commences its Early Alert Initiative to aid student success this week. As you are aware, due to the plethora of faculty requests, this past fall semester witnessed the extension of this initiative to any faculty member who is currently teaching any undergraduate course.   As a result, we are pleased to note faculty increased usage of this important advisement tool.

Additionally, this past fall, also due to a plethora of requests, we expanded this initiative into a two-part notification process. The first notification, the Early Warning, is sent to students within the first six weeks of classes, thus offering faculty who assess their students’ learning within this period the greatest ability to support their students’ academic  success. The second notification, the Mid-Term Warning, is sent to students during the seventh and ninth weeks of classes to offer students the best opportunity to utilize the College’s deadline periods appropriately.

The spring and fall semester early alert assessment data for 2015 are online. As you will note, faculty and student collaborative usage of this tool definitively positively impacts student success. Identification of students who may be academically at risk opens up crucial lines of communication between faculty and their students, helps students connect to appropriate campus resources, and greatly supports CSI’s Mission to serve and support the educational needs of our student body in a timely manner.

CSI strongly encourages faculty’s continued participation in our Early Alert Program. As always, we welcome your feedback and encourage questions regarding Hobsons Retain usage.

Thank you for your continued support.