Fulbright Canada is in the midst of celebrating our 25th anniversary, and we are proud of the large number of partnerships we have made in this time. We now have more than 40 Fulbright Visiting Research Chair opportunities in Canada for American scholars in diverse fields. We are reaching out to you with the hope that you can pass along these opportunities and help identify potential applicants.

The 2017-2018 Fulbright competition for American Scholars opened on Monday, Feb. 1 and closes on Monday, Aug. 1, 2016. Fulbright scholars gain international experience, meet and collaborate with Canadian colleagues, and participate in a prestigious scholarship program with a wide network. Many scholars report their experience as life changing.

This year, we are proud to announce a new research chair award in First Nations studies at Vancouver Island University, focusing on aboriginal education, engagement, and reconciliation.

Below you will find a complete list of the award categories that are hyperlinked to our Website with more information on the specific awards available at our 21 Canadian university partners.


Postdoctoral Research Awards:

Preventive Health (Award 7470)

Technology, Industry and the Environment (Award 7471)

Northern Issues (Award 7472)


Distinguished Visiting Research Chairs:

Fulbright Canada-Palix (formerly Norlien) Foundation Distinguished Visiting Research Chairs in Brain Science and Family Wellness (Award 7454)


Fulbright Canada Visiting Research Chairs:

Research Chairs in First Nations Studies (Award 7455)

Research Chairs in Arts and Humanities (Award 7456)

Research Chairs in Business (Award 7457)

Research Chairs in Economics (Award 7458)

Research Chairs in Education (Award 7459)

Research Chairs in Environment and Sustainability (Award 7460)

Research Chairs in Food Safety and Food Security (Award 7461)

Research Chairs in Globalization and Development (Award 7462)

Research Chairs in Governance (Award 7463)

Research Chairs in Health (Award 7464)

Research Chairs in Legal Studies (Award 7465)

Research Chairs in North American Studies (Award 7466)

Research Chairs in Policy Studies (Award 7467)

Research Chairs in Science (Award 7468)

Research Chairs in Society and Culture (Award 7469)


If there are any questions regarding any of the awards, please feel free to contact jheim@fulbright.ca or 613.688.5519.