If you are xperiencing an unexpected financial hardship, you can apply for a Petrie Grant.

Students who demonstrate need and are facing a short-term, non-reoccurring financial emergency may apply for a Petrie Grant. Examples of emergencies include, but are not limited to: temporary loss of student’s jobs; fire in living quarters; documented theft of computer or books; required uninsured medical treatment; travel home for serious illness or death in the immediate family; imminent documented eviction; unexpected loss of childcare; an unanticipated loss resulting in a lack of funds to get to and from school; and other possible eligible situations. Funds cannot be used to pay for tuition.

Applications are available in: COPE (Building 1L, Room 207), SEEK (Building 1A, Room 112G), the Health and Wellness (Building 1C, Room 112), Science and Technology (Building 1A,  Room 310), Financial Aid (Building 2A, Room 401C), Student Life (Building 1C, Room 201),  and online.

More information is available online.