Just a reminder that a valid DolphinCard with the Transportation Access Code (TAC) programmed onto the card is required for all students, faculty, and staff to utilize the College’s bus services. Riders are required to scan their DolphinCard upon entering the bus.  Faculty and staff who wish to ride the buses will be required to pay the same fee all students are paying. The Transportation Fee for the fall and spring is $40 per semester and $10 for each of the two summer sessions.

Faculty and staff who wish to ride the Ferry Shuttle and/or the Loop Bus can do so by remitting the fee to the Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services. This can be done by visiting the Parking & DolphinCard Services Office in Building 3A, Room 106 during business hours, or by going online to pay for this service and have it added to your profile. Enter your College FLAS log in, deposit the appropriate fee, and follow the directions to complete the transaction.

If you should have any questions regarding the DolphinCard or the addition of the TAC, you may contact the Office of Parking & DolphinCard Services at 718.982.2294.