Yesterday at Ohio State University, a student drove his vehicle over the curb and struck pedestrians prior to stabbing numerous people in the area. The individual who perpetrated this attack was shot and killed by a responding police officer.

In light of this brutal incident, I would like to remind all members of our campus community that the CSI Office of Public Safety is prepared to respond to all incidents that might occur on campus. Additionally, I would like to stress the importance of considering what actions community members should take in response to a violent encounter such as that which took place in Ohio.

Please take this opportunity to review the information available on the College of Staten Island Public Safety Web page outlining our Active Shooter Response Procedure.

While the attack in Ohio was not an active-shooter incident as originally reported, the response by those subjected to such an incident should be the same: run, hide, fight. I would ask that our community members view the online “Run, Hide, Fight” video.

Our desire is to prepare students and staff to react appropriately to a situation such as occurred in Ohio. I encourage decisive action to any rapidly unfolding, life-threatening situation.

Please keep in mind those who were injured in Ohio yesterday.

Robert A. Wilson