It has been announced that College of Staten Island (CSI) Interim Associate Provost Ralf Peetz, PhD, has been appointed to the Greenbelt Conservancy Board of Directors. Dr. Peetz came to Staten Island in 2003 as an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at CSI and the City University of New York doctoral faculty. He holds a PhD from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and specializes in designing materials with useful properties. His current research is dedicated to finding new materials for future generations of solar cells. Dr. Peetz has served as an elected faculty leader for several years, and currently in the role of Interim Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Student Success. “The Greenbelt is a jewel of Staten Island, and I would love to see it more integrated in a meaningful way into our Borough, through partnerships and stewardship, such as are currently underway with the College of Staten Island,” Dr. Peetz commented.