CUNY and CSI are committed to maintaining a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for all members of our community, which includes implementing polices in compliance with all laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender expression. New York City and State law prohibit such discrimination in places of employment and in public accommodations, and require that individuals have access to single-sex facilities (such as bathrooms) consistent with their gender identity and expression.

Many of you may have noticed that, in keeping with these laws and our commitment to the campus community, new signage has been provided on the campus bathroom and locker room facilities. These signs, which have been posted at single-sex multiple occupancy bathrooms, say: “Under the law, all individuals have the right to use this single-sex facility consistent with their gender identity or expression.”  This is to assure that transgender and gender non-conforming persons are welcome to use the facility that corresponds to their gender identity and expression.

Be assured that the existing “gender-neutral” single-occupancy bathroom facilities are available to anyone who feels more comfortable using a private facility. The signs on these facilities have both the male and female gender symbols, as well as signs that advise: “For your privacy, please lock the door.”  You will notice that, in addition to pre-existing single-occupancy facilities, some single-sex multi-stall bathrooms were converted to use for single-occupancy. To the extent feasible, the locations of these single-occupancy facilities will be posted near the single-sex facilities. While there are no single-occupancy locker rooms on campus, efforts are underway to provide these accommodations in the future.


If you notice any facility without proper signage, we would appreciate your notifying:

Mildred Segui, Administrative Superintendent of Building and Grounds, 718.982.3210


The following individuals are available to respond to any questions or concerns that you many have:

Christopher Giordano, Dean of Students, 718.982.2335

Hope Berte, Executive Director, Human Resources and Labor Designee, 718.982.2379

Jessica Collura, Interim Director, Diversity and Compliance, 718.982.2250


We thank you for your help in making our campus a safe and welcoming place for everyone. ​