We are pleased to report that, in recognition of the choice that many mothers make to breastfeed, CSI has established a clean, private, and comfortable space for the exclusive use of nursing mothers to express and refrigerate breast milk. The College’s Lactation Policy also provides for appropriate accommodations with respect to time necessary for this activity. The CSI Lactation Policy is available online.

Lactation Room/Space:

Located in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P), Room 1P-008 has been designated as a lactation room for College of Staten Island faculty, staff, and students (as available). The room is located on the lower level, and is accessible from the west elevator in the Atrium. Those seeking to use the lactation room should present their current CSI ID to the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration, Building 1A, Room 309. Keys for the room will be issued through that Office.

Time Required:

Staff member requests for accommodations regarding break, meal, or other time (such as extending the work day to make up for any additional time) to express milk should be made to the staff member’s supervisor.

Faculty member requests for an accommodation regarding time to express milk should be made to their Department Chairperson.

Students are expected to work with their instructors and/or advisors to make up any missed work related to time to express milk during scheduled class-time.


Faculty, staff, and supervisors must consult with the Director of Human Resources at 718.982.2379 should any concerns arise about compliance with this Policy.

Any student concerns should be made to the Dean of Students at 718.982.2335.