The College of Staten Island Film Festival will be held on Thursday, May 25 in teh Center for the Arts (Building 1P), Room 122 at 2:00pm. The Festival is a long-running annual event that engages students, faculty, and alumni. Each year, the ever-changing Film Club—with the guidance from their faculty advisor and the video-lab staff—organizes an event that celebrates student works. Included are works from every section of every course, offered during the past academic year—including esteemed senior theses. The festival continues to grow, garnering a wider audience from the larger campus community.

For the Cinema-Production majors, the festival serves to introduce the important process of submitting their finished films, showing them to an audience, and competing for recognition. In this way, the Festival provides a goal for students that goes beyond a grade in their classes. It challenges students to think more critically about the work they produce, as well as that of their peers. The Festival also lays the groundwork for future collaboration between and among students. The impact of the Festival is evident when in the fall, the students who’ve attended return to school with a newly found avidity and commitment to their projects.

Students my drop off their film submissions at The Cage in the Center for the Arts, Room 122.