High school students congregate in the 1P Atrium.

Students from Staten Island Technical High School, New Dorp High School, and the CSI International High School attended the College of Staten Island’s (CSI) first annual CSI Science Day. Established by the Division of Science and Technology, the event allowed students to tour CSI laboratories and facilities, and participate in science-related activities throughout the day.

“It was exciting to welcome all the participants from the high schools. Our faculty, staff, and students pulled it all together to offer an engaging day dedicated to showcasing the research done in the Division and the opportunities available to the students in the College,” commented Dean of Science and Technology Vivian Incera, PhD, noting that approximately 250 students traveled to the CSI campus.

CSI professors led the teens through educational activities to introduce them to some of the research and experiments going on at the College. These activities showcased the diversity in the curriculum that CSI offers and included information about astronomy with Emily Rice, PhD, and chemistry with Alan Lyons, PhD.

“The visitors saw the passion our professors have for what they do, the excitement of the students working in those labs, and the incredible research taking place on our campus,” said Dr. Incera, whose team worked tirelessly to make the event, which featured a total of 13 professors, a success.

Dean Vivian Incera welcomes students to CSI Science Day.

New Dorp High School student Richard Lin commented that, “Most of us in high school don’t know what we want, but these activities give us options and different paths to choose.”

CSI International High School student Arlett Moran became “inspired and encouraged” to learn more about biology after experiencing the Naked Mole Rat activity presented by Alejandra Alonso, PhD.

New Dorp student Adam Kozlowski said that the event “gave us an insight into what the atmosphere would be like if we were to study [at CSI].” Kozlowski’s favorite part of the day was Michael Bucaro’s bioluminescent single-cell protists presentation.

CSI and the Division of Science and Technology have a long history of collaborating with other organizations to promote the sciences. Creating CSI Science Day specifically for high School students allows CSI to attract and inform prospective students.

“These events provide exposure and accessibility for students who may have an interest in getting involved in the sciences when they enter their collegiate career but don’t know where to begin. The five departments within the Division of Science and Technology provide a range of perspectives for students to decide which field is right for them,” noted Dean Incera.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of our first CSI Science Day… if we managed to plant the bug of science and the thirst for scientific understanding in some of those kids, our efforts were all worthy… We have also received very positive feedback from the high schools leaders, who said it was an ‘eye-opener’ for their students. They all are looking forward to the next CSI Science Day. I think we have just started a new tradition on our campus,” Dean Incera said.

CSI student ambassadors Benjamin Hermus '18; Batool Shirazi '20; Arshia Lodhi '20; Amber Van Cleat '19; Usama Zubair '20; and Tiffany Miller '19, with Dean Incera.