As many of you have been aware, over the past several months, we have been working to install gutters on many of the campus buildings to help improve drainage. This project also includes retention basins to allow for slow release into the storm sewer and possible re-use of storm water for irrigation as we strive to be more sustainable. We are happy to report that this work is nearing completion and we are ready to move to the next phase of this project.

During the next phase, four academic buildings will be receiving new front entry plazas. The first of these academic buildings to get this upgrade is 2N. This will be followed by 1N, 5S, and 3S. You can expect to see construction fencing going up at 2N this week with 1N following in a couple of weeks. Weather permitting, the work at 2N will be completed in mid-November, with work on the other buildings scheduled to end in January. We will be sure to send updates along the way as we commence work on the other three buildings.

Construction of the plazas will encompass the entire front entry area except for an entrance way located to the left of the building. This route will be clearly marked with signage and will be maintained throughout the project. When possible, please use the entrances located at the stair towers on the sides of each building to avoid the construction zone and reduce congestion along that accessible path.

We have received many questions about the trees in these entry plazas.  We recognize the beauty of the trees on campus, along with the significant environmental, personal, and social benefits that they provide the community and have made every effort to limit the impact of the construction on mature trees. Unfortunately the work will require the removal of some trees. When removal is necessary, as good stewards, we will plant at least one tree in its place.  The new trees will be a combination of ornamental and large shade trees that will continue to provide the aesthetic appeal and needed shade during outdoor events on these plazas. For 2N, we will plant 20 trees, shrubbery, and other vegetation as part of the landscaping, to replace 17 trees that will have to be removed during the construction.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we complete this work. For a preview of how the plazas will look when completed, please go online. If you have any questions about this work, please call Campus Planning at 718.982.3214.