While we all know students who are destined to study abroad, but the reality is that most of our students are unable to spend a term overseas for a variety of reasons. Still, we desire for them to benefit from a global perspective in the curriculum. One question that often arises in the discussion though is “What exactly does a Global Perspective mean?”

To help faculty and staff at CSI answer this question, the Center for Global Engagement and the Faculty Center are jointly sponsoring a Webinar on global learning in the curriculum. This Webinar, delivered by the Association of American Colleges and Universities. will focus on how faculty can utilize intercultural strategies to bring together international and multicultural dimensions on campus, tools to guide campus discussions and institutional framing of global learning for students and educators, showcase case studies of community-based curricular and co-curricular global learning experiences, and demonstrate approaches to implement and sustain global learning integration across disciplines and majors on campus, online, in the community, and abroad.

Please join us on Tuesday, Sept. 12 Faculty Center in the Library (Building 1L, Room 203)  at 2:00pm.