At this time of the semester, it is time for Early Alerts to engage students in their academic success. Early Alerts (at the beginning of a semester) and Midterm Warnings are opportunities to make students aware of potential risk factors endangering their academic progress. They provide us with an opportunity to connect with students and offer them support services to address their particular challenges.

The first notification, the Early Alert survey, will be emailed tomorrow, Sept. 13. This email will contain links that will enable you to communicate concerns to your individual students and our students service offices.

Early Warnings are nationally considered a high-impact practice to help students succeed in their academic careers, especially in student populations such as ours. Providing your students with a little help at the beginning of a semester can make all the difference between success or failure in a class. The timing of the intervention is very important–the first couple of weeks in the semester of a student (with absences or a failed assessment) have a high-predictive value. We therefore urge you to participate with us in this effort to support our students.

A second alert (Midterm Warning) is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 16. This will offer you the opportunity to provide feedback more toward the middle of the semester, while also enabling students to utilize the College’s deadlines appropriately.

Please help us help your students and participate in the Early Alert intervention.

Thank you much, and best wishes for your fall semesters.