The College of Staten Island is pleased to be a co-sponsor of a very special event entitled “We Are Syrians” hosted by the Scholars at Risk Network and NYU on Monday, Oct. 30 at New York University’s Skirball Center, 566 LaGuardia Place, NYC. Although this is a free ticketed event, RSVP is required.

Since spring 2011, the Syrian people have experienced unspeakable repression and violence. Hundreds of thousands have died. More than five million are refugees. Another six million are displaced inside Syria while world leaders watch. What would you sacrifice?  For your ideals? For your freedom?  Would you risk your job?  Your life?  Your family?  Experience the powerful first-hand stories of three generations of Syrians—a theater director, a dentist, and a university student—revealing their lives under the Assad family’s rule.

Join host Laura Flanders, an award-winning author and host of The Laura Flanders Show as she interviews Naila Al-Atrash, Radwan Ziadeh, and Sana Mustafa as they describe how they were forced out of Syria by a government that wanted to silence them, and how they refused to be silent. As detailed in the recently released book We Are Syrians: Three Generations, Three Dissidents, their personal stories together tell the larger story of the Syrian conflict and how—despite living with the worst ongoing humanitarian crisis in the world today—the spirit of Syrian people lives on.

Scholars at Risk has assisted many Syrian scholars escaping the conflict and participated in the development of We Are Syrians.