Students from China visit the CSI Tech Incubator with Winnie Brophy, Special Programs Coordinator, Center for Global Engagement; Christine Purelis and Joseph Bottega, Business Advisors, Small Business Development Center; and guest speaker, Georgina Castanon, CEO, Castanon of Walk and Explore.

A group of eight MBA students from Shanghai University in China visited the newly established CSI Tech Incubator, last week, and they received a warm welcome from Dr. Stephen Ferst, Executive Director, and Winnie Brophy, Special Program Coordinator, Center for Global Engagement.

The guests met with Georgina Castanon, CEO of Castanon of Walk and Explore, to learn about the “Business Smart Tool Kit.”  Participant Ke Huang said, “Her talk was very engaging and gave us new ideas as a woman doing business in the real world.”

This week-long Business Study Tour, New York program is sponsored by the Center for Global Engagement. The visit to the U.S. is a combination of tourism and professional visits to companies in New York City. In addition, participants were able to attend seminars from faculty members Prof. Alan Zimmerman and Prof. Prof. George Wang from the CSI School of Business, as well as to learn about local commerce and society in New York City.

Participants also met Andrew Peake, Managing Director, UBS International, who speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese. He emphasized the importance of being honest and trusting with clients in order work on Wall Street. Participants also met with Marin Kohli, Chief Regional Economist from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; Ming Yi Xu, Vice President, China-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, among others.

All of the participants have full-time jobs in China and stayed with host families from Staten Island. None of them had been to the U.S. before, so they were able to benefit from learning about U.S. culture and business. This will surely benefit them in their professions in China as they can take this knowledge back to their professional careers.

This is the third year that the College is hosting the MBA Business Study Tour. It is hoped that  this tradition will continue in an effort to help young future entrepreneurs.