This semester’s Involvement Fair took place last week at the Campus Center, a major event in CSI’s Weeks of Welcome programming. The purpose of the Fair is to introduce students to ways they can actively engage in the CSI community, according to Debi Kee, Winter Involvement Fair Organizer and Associate Director of Student Life. Before the Fair, Kee noted that she had hoped for 100 or more participants and she was happy with the students who showed up and benefitted from the experience.

“I was happy with our turnout, it’s always exciting after three years of pretty much being virtual,” said Kee. “To see so many students back and actively engaging is great.”

About 50 students opted to also use the event to obtain the PG CLUE credit that was offered, more than opted for the credit in the past Students that day did seem more engaged and really wanted to find out more about clubs.

“It didn’t feel like students were there just for CLUE,” said Kee. “We often feel like it’s all just ‘I need a CLUE’ and they run around and just get stamps and run off.”

Students receive CLUE credit by obtaining a total of 15 stamps visiting tables. When asked, students noted that they used the Fair to find out more about a particular club or to see what clubs and extracurricular services were available to them.

The event was also a success because every student group that had a table was on hand to answer student questions, making for a bustling atmosphere in the Campus Center.

“Traditionally we have more groups that sign up and do not show up,” said Kee. “The fact that only one group did not show up was awesome and we actually added a group yesterday, so some of it balanced out a little.”

With the event an official success, it seems there are more clubs reforming, post-pandemic, and clubs getting chartered for new membership. The best thing to do is join a club because of these seven benefits:

  1. It can help boost your résumé.
  2. You will get to meet new people.
  3. You can find or build a community.
  4. You will develop new skills.
  5. You will get to work with diverse groups of people.
  6. You can build a network.
  7. Most of all, it’s fun!

So, if you still want to join a club you still can. If you want more information about clubs, go to Although everyone is busy with their studies, see if you can find time to join a club. It will help you be a more well-rounded student.

By Vinny Masocol