Welcome to the first week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This week, we are focusing on how to secure yourself at home to make it safer for you and those with whom you live. Making your home environment secure also helps to secure your work environment.

Please help make your home environment more secure by:

  • Reading two security awareness newsletters: one with four simple steps to protecting you and your family in your daily, personal lives, and the second with five steps to help you and others be secure;
  • Reviewing a poster on protecting your home;
  • Viewing a video (12 minutes) on the top three risks to kids online today and what you can do about those risks; and
  • Sharing these materials with others, including your family, friends, and neighbors.

Our weekly awareness emails, supporting information, and a growing list of security resources are available from the Cyber Security Awareness Month and Information Security pages on the CUNY Website.