Join us for a lecture entitled “The 1859 Walling Map of Staten Island and the Politics of Abolitionism,” with Prof. James A. Kaser, PhD on Tuesday, Oct. 7 in the CSI Library (Building 1L), Room 216 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm.

We often think of maps as objective information sources. Once a map goes beyond topographical information, however, perspectives are introduced that reveal cultural biases. This talk explores the hidden bias of an 1859 map of Staten Island by asking why the mapmaker chose to emphasize some communities and structures rather than others?

The talk is held in conjunction with Archives Week, a national observance in October to celebrate and promote the rich documentary heritage of our nation and the importance of archival and historical records to our lives. Through exhibitions, lectures, programs, receptions, and other events, the public is invited to archival repositories to get a glimpse of the letters, journals, and other materials that historians use in the writing of history.