Students from CSI advanced to the AMA Collegiate Case Competition finals for the second year in a row.

According to the AMA Website, “The AMA Collegiate Case Competition…is a yearlong event that brings together top marketing students to work on a marketing challenge submitted by a sponsoring organization. The Case sponsor provides a detailed marketing problem for which it is looking to gain the perspective of AMA’s best students, who will compete by developing a marketing strategy in a nationally recognized competition. The Case Competition is open to undergraduate student teams at schools that have an affiliated AMA Collegiate Chapter.”

The organization notes that the “purpose of the AMA Case Competition is twofold: (1) To provide AMA undergraduate members the opportunity to work together on a problem that typifies a real, working marketing situation; and (2) To provide the Case Competition sponsor direct contact with the very best marketing students with possible real world solutions to their marketing problem.”

Each year, one particular company is chosen for students to create their presentations. This year, it is Mary Kay.

Team coach and Assistant Professor in the School of Business Dan Zhang explained that.“The comprehensive marketing plan the CSI AMA Mary Kay Case Competition team submitted comprises all aspects of professional marketing planning, including Situation Analysis, Market Research, Target Market, Positioning, Strategy, Marketing Objectives, Marketing Tactics, Cash Budgeting, Sales Forecast, and Performance Measurement Metrics.”

Now that her team is headed to the finals, Zhang exclaimed, “We are very proud to make the finalist round for the second year in a row and beat out many top universities in the North America again! We are very grateful for all the support from the CSI family, especially our Dean Susan Holak and Chair of the Marketing Department Professor Tom Tellefsen. The prestigious AMA Case Competition has been an invaluable, life-changing experience for both teams. It provides a precious experiential learning opportunity for our students, where they have to translate what was taught in the classroom and make it applicable in a specific context for real-world big-name ‘clients’. More importantly, it shows to our students how critical it is to be determined, dedicated, and dare to dream in order to succeed, no matter how big or small you may be!”

Dean of the School of Business Susan Holak added, “Now in its 40th year, the American Marketing Association’s Student Case Competition is the premier student challenge for the field.  I am thrilled that our teams have made it to the finalist level in two consecutive years. This noteworthy result, particularly for a relatively young program, is a testament to the coaching and leadership of Professor Dan Zhang, a nod to the strength of our marketing program under the leadership of Professor Tom Tellefsen, and a reflection of our School’s concerted effort to advance and support experiential learning. I am very proud of our students and faculty! We look forward to presenting to Mary Kay representatives in the final round in New Orleans!”