On Monday, Mar. 5, 2018, following a positive vote in support of a new proposed Governance Plan at the Thursday, Feb. 8 College Council meeting, I initiated a referendum on whether to adopt the proposed revised Governance Plan. In order for the plan to be ratified, more than 30 percent of the eligible voters needed to vote, and a majority of those voting had to have voted in favor.

After two weeks of voting that concluded Monday, Mar, 19, I am happy to announce that 308 out of a possible 664 eligible instructional staff – more than 46% – voted in the referendum, well above the 30% threshold required. Those voting approved the new plan by an overwhelming majority of 85.7% percent, with 264 voting in favor and only 44 voting against adoption.

On the strength of this vote of support, I will now work to get the Governance Plan on the agenda of the Monday, May 7tmeeting of the Board of Trustees so that we may move ahead with the new plan. As I noted in my message calling for the referendum, although it is not a perfect plan, I believe that it is considerably better than the existing one. As the Bylaw Committee has indicated, should the Board approve our revised Governance Plan, we can begin work on any further amendments that may be warranted.

I send my sincere thanks to the members of the Bylaw Committee who worked diligently on the changes over a number of years, everyone who offered their insights during the drafting process, the Committee on Organization, and all who participated in the referendum.