On Monday, Apr. 30, the final work on the Loop Road project will commence. Road closures are outlined below and in the online Campus Map and will  proceed as follows:

– Monday, Apr. 30 – Phase 8, from the three-way stop to the first intersection of parking lot 6 will be paved. This will require that all traffic from Victory Blvd. continue straight through the three-way stop.
-Tuesday, May 1 – Phase 9, from where Phase 8 ended through the first intersection of Parking Lot 5. The first intersection to Parking Lot 6 will be open but all others, including the roundabout for Building 1R, will be inaccessible. Parking Lot 6 will be able to be used to access Dolphin Cove and the Tennis Center but will not be available as a detour.
-Wednesday, May 2 – Phase 10, from the second intersection at Parking Lot 5 through to the area by Parking Lot 4 that is completed. On this day, drop-off for the Children’s Center (Building 2R) will be via Parking Lot 5.
-Thursday, May 3 – Thursday will be held available for any unforeseen delays in the preceding phases. If all goes according to plan, no road closures will occur on this day.
-Friday, May 4 – During the day, the southern intersection to Parking Lot 3 will be repaved. This will require that all traffic from the back gate proceed to the left around campus.
-Friday, May 4 Overnight – From 11:00pm to 7:00am on Saturday, May5, , the outbound lane on the road between the three-way stop and Victory Blvd. will be repaved. This will not be a complete rebuild, but we were able to negotiate to repave the top coat of the roadway and reset the drainage catch basins.
-Saturday, May 5 Overnight – From 11:00pm to 7:00am on Sunday, May 6, the inbound lane of the road between the three-way stop and Victory Blvd. will be repaved. The same work as the outbound lane will be completed.

It is important to note that, during this work, the Loop Bus will only run between the Victory Blvd. entrance and the Administrative Loop.  There will be no impact to the Ferry Shuttle or MTA bus routes.

Weather permitting, as of Monday, May 7, the Loop Road Construction Project will be substantially complete. There will be some work to do, including removing material and equipment, minor repairs, and landscaping, but no additional road closures are planned after May 7.

Thank you for all your patience and cooperation while we have been working on this very important project. For questions regarding parking fees, violations, or regulations, please call Parking Services at 718.982.2294. For questions regarding transportation including the Loop Bus, MTA buses, Access-A-Ride, and the Ferry Shuttle, please contact Operational Services at 718.982.3220.  For questions regarding the Loop Road construction project, please call Campus Planning at 718.982.3214.