Please be advised that on Wednesday, June 27 at 12:30pm, Environmental Health and Safety, Public Safety, and the Central Plant will be conducting fire drills in Building 1A. All occupants are expected to participate in the full evacuation drill. Occupants will be directed to the assembly area, with the assistance of the team conducting the drill and the fire wardens. Once you are at the assembly area, you will be instructed to sign an attendance sheet. The conducting of the drill and the attendance sheet will allow us to remain complaint with FDNY fire code.

Prior to the drill, we ask that you and your office staff become familiar with the egress stairwell, the egress door closest to your location, and familiarize yourselves with the nearest manual fire alarm pull stations. Manual pull stations are located near the exits. If you have any questions or concerns during the drill, please see one of the members of the team after the evacuation is complete or send an email to

If you have any staff members or occupants who may have difficulty using the stairs, we ask that you assist them as you would in a real emergency evacuation to the nearest stairwell and notify Public Safety of your location and inform them of an occupant who needs assistance with evacuation down the stairs. It is not expected for you to attempt to assist them down the stairs.

In advance, we thank you for your participation and cooperation in these fire drills as your safety always remains our concern.