On two separate occasions this week, Campus Public Safety was notified of  break-ins inside of Building 3A. The first occurrence took place on Monday, Aug. 27 in the Purchasing Office, followed by a second break-in on Tuesday involving the Office of Parking Services. NYPD was called and responded to the scene with their Evidence Collection Team for each occurrence.

Earlier today, an article was published on SI Live indicating that cash, checks, and parking registration cards, plus a credit card, were among the items stolen from the offices. The Office of Parking Services has done a thorough evaluation of all registration materials and files to determine if there was a breach of payment information and registration cards. After a review, it has been determined that all outstanding checks and registration cards have been accounted for and matched with unprocessed check payments.  Furthermore, in keeping with PCI Security Compliance, the Office of Parking Services does not retain any credit card information in the office or in their database.

If you have mailed your payment and have yet to receive the decal, please do not cancel check payment, as the processing will continue throughout the weekend. If there are concerns or you wish to speak to someone regarding the status of your decal, please contact Cara Barry, Interim Director Parking Services 718.982.2294 or MaryJeanne Hennessy, Director of Auxiliary Services 718.982.3035. If you prefer to speak to someone in person, the office is located in Building 3A, Room 106,  and will be open  for extended hours this weekend,  Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we address this matter.​