English students at the English Language Institute (ELI) of the College of Staten Island will make different presentations, on Tuesday, Nov. 20 in the Center for the Arts (Building 1P) Williamson Theatre from 9:20am to 2:30pm, showing the best of their home countries: tourist attractions, gastronomy, music, and more.

The event will also have a Mexican dance with the Calpulli Mexican Dance Group at noon. After the dance, we will have an interesting speech by the Consul General of Mexico in New York,  Ambassador Diego Gómez, who will talk about culture, the Mexican culture, and how culture benefits our educational and professional development.

We will have presentations from Afghanistan, Albania, Brazil, China, Colombia, Gabon, Kyrgyzstan, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guinea, Japan, Jordan, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Yemen.