The Foreign Language Requirement at CSI is proficiency based. This means that students have to reach a certain level of competency in a language. Many majors require students to attain an intermediate level of proficiency. For a beginning language learner, this will require three sequential semesters of a foreign language (112, 114, 213). Students who have previously studied a language or are heritage speakers may be “fast-tracked” and placed directly in level 114 or 213– or the equivalent Spanish heritage speakers courses (119, 219)– reducing the number of semesters of language study required. Students who have experience with a language should take the Fast Track placement exam in order to know which level course to begin their studies at CSI.

The schedule of testing is available online.

For placement into American Sign Language courses, please contact Professor Rosen at

For placement into Arabic courses, please contact the Department of World Languages and Literatures at 718.982.3700 in Building 2S, Room 109.