Visiting Chinese physicians and members of the CSI Faculty toured Richmond University Medical Center.

Nine members of the U.S. Health Care Physician’s Observation Program had the opportunity to tour Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) yesterday.

The Program brings nine physicians from the First Affiliated Hospital of USTC (Anhui Provincial Hospital), China to the College of Staten Island from May 3 to July 30 so that they may explore all aspects of the U.S. health care system. While at CSI, participants will be provided with clinical observational opportunities, meet with various community agencies, visit health care providers, and participate in various educational, social, and cultural activities in the New York City area. The Program is conducted by the Center for Global Engagement with the support of the School of Health Sciences at the College of Staten Island.

The tour of RUMC included a meet and greet with RUMC President and CEO Dr. Daniel J. Messina; a  tour of the RUMC Emergency Department with Dr. Kopolovich of the Department of Emergency Medicine; and a tour of the hospital with Alex Lutz, RUMC Director of Public Relations and Marketing.

Besides the nine visiting physicians, Dr. Messina, Dr. Kopolovich, and Mr. Lutz, other participants included Dean of the CSI School of Health Sciences Marcus Tye; Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Biology Dr. Chang Hui Shen; Dr. Muhammad Zia from the Department of Biology; and Winnie Brophy of the Center for Global Engagement.

The visiting physicians and their specialties are:


Dr. Yunqin Liu, Deputy Chief Physician, Radiotherapy

Dr. Jie Tang, Deputy Chief Physician, Geriatric Cardiology

Dr. Mao Zheng, Deputy Chief Physician, Endocrinology

Dr. Shao Hui Cheng, Deputy Chief Physician, Intensive Care Medicine

Dr. Zhili Pan, Deputy Chief Physician, Radiology: Medical Imaging (leader)

Dr. Haibo Wu, Deputy Chief Physician, Pathology

Dr. Lei Wen, Deputy Chief Physician, Ophthalmology

Dr. Fei Yin, Attending Physician, Otorhinolaryngology

Tong Tong, Head Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacology


They are currently residing on Staten Island in the West Brighton neighborhood during the Program.