The College of Staten Island is seeking a full-time head coach for Softball, a position that carries with it administrative duties as the Academic Success Coordinator.  The candidate will take over softball duties from former head coach Stella Porto, who retired from the coaching position in late-May.  A copy of the in-depth job description can be found HERE.

As coach, the position will be responsible for the administration, supervision, management, and student-athlete selection for program. Applicant will be responsible for areas of scheduling, strategy, recruitment, conditioning and player development to enhance athletic performance and achievement, coupled with a keen focus on academic excellence. Responsibilities to also include fund-raising initiatives and programming.

As the Academic Success Coordinator the applicant will be responsible for assisting student-athletes with course registration, monitoring academic progress and coordinating academic support initiatives for student-athletes as necessary,  The candidate would be advising student-athletes regarding academic opportunities, policies and procedures and coordinate activities of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

The position requires a minimum of four years of collegiate or high school softball coaching experience, a Bachelor’s Degree, and a valid Driver’s License with preference given to collegiate coaching experience and those with prior advising and academic support/or other athletic administrative experience (non-coaching).

Interested candidates must register and apply through the CUNY portal.  For more information on application procedures, follow the “How to Apply” info located on the in-depth job description located HERE.