In order to prevent security breaches, Information Technology Services is required to perform periodic critical system updates. Your computer needs to be restarted In order for these updates to occur. Leaving your computer on will prevent critical updates from being installed.

If you have not shut down your computer in sometime, please take a moment to restart your machine in order for these updates to be installed. Please note, depending upon how long it has been since your computer was last shut down,  it could take an extended time and multiple reboots for all of the updates to be installed. Therefore, we recommend that you reboot prior to leaving for the day, which would allow for the updates to be installed.

In the future, it is critical that you shut down or restart your machine on a regular basis in order to avoid this from happening again. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the HelpDesk at extension HELP.

By Patricia Kahn, PhD