The Core 100 program invites students and faculty from the College to join us for our weekly lecture series. Each week, all of the first-year students participate in lecture-discussions with about 400 of their classmates. We have space in the Center for the arts (Building 1P) Williamson Theatre to accommodate individual guests and can have as many as two additional classes at each of the lectures. No permission is needed for classes to attend, but please notify Donna Scimeca (718.982.3405) if you plan to bring a class.

The lectures are 50 minutes and are all in the Williamson Theatre. They meet on the following days/times: Wednesdays at 12:20pm; on Thursdays at 8:00am, 10:10am, and 6:30pm; and on Saturdays at 10:10am.

The Lecture Series Schedule for the Week of Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

Wednesday, Feb. 15:

No Lecture. Classes Follow a Monday Schedule.

Thursday, Feb. 16:

-8:00am: “John Locke, Tom Paine, Thomas Jefferson, and the Declaration of Independence,” presented by Edward Manganel

The vote by the Second Continental Congress on July 2, 1776 declaring the British colonies “free and independent states,” and the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, might well have been significantly delayed, and indeed, far less acceptable to the American people, had it not been for the English philosopher, John Locke, and the English immigrant to the Colonies, Tom Paine. Along with Jefferson, Locke and Paine might be called “co-founders” of the United States.

Edward Manganel taught AP U.S. History, AP U.S. Government, and Comparative Government at Msgr. Farrell HS for 32 years. He served as Chair of the Social Studies Department. He has taught at CSI for 25 years, originally as a member of the PEP Dept., and for the last ten years as an instructor of Core 100.

-10:10am: “Federalist vs. Anti-Federalists,” presented by John Comfort

This lecture will discuss the major differences between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists and their different views on the government of the United States. Would they want a strong federal government or a more state-focused government?

John Comfort earned his MA in History from the College of Staten Island in 2003 and has taught classes at CSI in the Core program and also the American Studies program since 2006.

4:40pm: “Corelandia: What is Corelandia? What are your factions and roles as citizens of Corelandia?” presented by Victor Miller and Vincent DePaolo

Last week in Corelandia: Students were introduced to the Professors, Core 100, and Reacting to the Past. Also, they were introduced to their new community Corelandia!  This week in Corelandia: Students will get a further in-depth look into Corelandia. They will also learn about the factions in Corelandia and their role as the citizenry of their new community Corelandia. Look for our weekly updates of what they Corelandians will do and accomplish.

Victor Miller earned a BA in History at the College of Staten Island in 2005 and an MS in Adolescent Education in 2008. He has been an adjunct of Core 100 since February 2012 and currently also works for the Office of Academic Support. Victor is the author of the “Summer of ’87” Reacting to the Past classroom simulation and also recently served on the Core 100 textbook editing committee.

Vincent DePaolo previously was an Adjunct Instructor at Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus in the History Department teaching introductory World History Survey courses. He received his BA in History and MS in Social Science with a concentration in History and Advanced Graduate Certificate in United Nation Studies at Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus. He has also received his MSeD in Secondary Social Studies from the College of Staten Island/CUNY.

-6:30pm: “The Revolution: The Battle of NY,” presented by Michael Matthews

The lecture will examine the Battle of NY and its relevance in the history of the Revolutionary War and the fight for independence.

Michael Matthews earned both his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Arts degrees at Brooklyn College/CUNY. He also has a Master in Business Administration (Finance) from Fordham University.

Saturday, Feb. 18:

-10:10am: “Federalist vs. Anti-Federalists,” presented by Peter Ronalds

Peter Ronalds is a Doctor of Arts Modern World History, St. John’s University. He has taught Core 100 and History classes since 1998.