Good Evening. We recently received an extensive set of guidance memos from CUNY Academic Affairs on a variety of topics related to how we will maintain academic continuity under the current modifications predicated by COVID-19. All are important, but are probably relevant to only some of you. For that reason, I broke them up into four different sets of topics. This will be the first of four emails sent out in quick succession.

By J. Michael Parrish


Teaching Evaluations and Faculty Reappointments

The University is gathering questions coming from the field regarding contractual issues, including, among others, teaching observations and evaluations, the ability adequately evaluate adjuncts for three-year appointments, and meeting reappointment notification deadlines. Please know that the University will work toward a negotiated agreement with the PSC, where required, on these matters — one that will meet the needs of both the faculty and the administration as we navigate these difficult times. We will keep you apprised with guidance on an ongoing basis.