Please join us on Tuesday, Mar. 10 at 2:45pm for the 3:00pm live performance of I Like Feminism and Feminism Likes me at the Center for the Arts Art Gallery of the College of Staten Island (Building 1P, Room 112). The performance is free, but seating is limited to a first come, first served basis. CLUE credit is available.

The performance is the first episode in a series of events associated with the exhibition I Like Feminism and Feminism Likes me with Swedish artist Oskar Korsár. The project reimagines a 1974 encounter—a clash—between the charismatic German artist Joseph Beuys and a group of 32 feminist artists, curators, and critics over breakfast at the Stanhope Hotel. The individual male artist-leader confronted the collective, multi-voiced dissonance of these rebellious women. Both sides were involved in remaking the world, but in forms barely recognizable to each other. Korsár explores the uneven ways in which this event has been recorded in history, probes the different approaches to art and politics, and presents a hybrid and carnivalesque series of objects, drawings, and actions including documentation in film and photography by CSI students.

This project enjoys the support of IASPIS (Swedish Art Grant Committee). 

Exhibition: Thursday, Mar. 12 to Saturday, May 9.

Opening reception: Thursday, Mar. 12 in Building 1P, Room 112 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

By Siona Wilson, PhD