I know the last few days have been challenging for you, faculty, and staff.  The unprecedented impact of the Coronavirus has led to significant disruption and change to how the College operates. Most instruction has been moved to​ distance learning and a large majority of staff members are working from home to reduce the density of our campus in our efforts to help slow the spread of this virus.

Please be assured that your professors and CSI staff are working diligently to ensure that, beginning tomorrow, you can continue your academic journey. The journey will be different now but as a community, we will rally together. I ask for your patience as all of us embark on this uncharted path. There will be bumps in the road and that is to be expected but the Division of Student Affairs will do our best to ensure that you receive timely service and help.

Since there is so much information that needs to be shared with you, instead of sending a long email, I am going to send shorter emails several times a week. Since distance learning begins tomorrow, I am going to share tips to help you have a successful experience:


You should check your CIX email frequently for official communications and updates.  For security purposes, emails will NOT be sent to personal accounts.


The HelpDesk serves as CSI’s first line of defense for computer problems, questions and concerns. In addition to software support, they provide departmental training to faculty, staff, and students in various applications, including MS Office, email, and CUNY Portal. 

Contact by Telephone: 718.982.HELP

Report a Problem: Online Form
Contact by Email:  helpdesk@csi.cuny.edu 


If you are having difficulty in a course, as always, please contact the faculty member for help. Just because we are moving to distance education does not mean that you will lose contact with the professor. Office hours may not be held, but still reach out using email, and other avenues provided by your professor, such as Blackboard. 


The Division of Student Affairs is here to help you. As the College finalizes new contact protocols for various offices, please email studentaffairs@csi.cuny.edu if you need help. We monitor this account frequently to ensure a timely response.   

Thank you for your continued patience as we restart courses.

​By Jennifer S. Borrero, JD