We are receiving a number of requests from faculty and staff to come to campus to work in their offices, retrieve items, tend to plants and other activities. Please be reminded that the campus is open for essential functions only. Other than essential functions, operations must happen remotely. There will be no more access to faculty and staff for non-essential actions. If faculty or staff need equipment to perform certain tasks at home, then please submit your request via email to campusplanningandfacilitiesmanagement@csi.cuny.edu. Your request will be reviewed with the appropriate supervisory staff and you will be notified of the arrangements for you to retrieve those items.

This week, construction will likely begin on two separate field hospitals; a 100-bed facility located in the Sports and Recreation Center (Building 1R) for non-COVID patients and a 50-bed structure to be built in Parking Lot 6 for treatment of COVID patients. This construction, along with Governor Cuomo’s recent statement that we still haven’t reached the apex of the crisis, make it more critical than ever that we limit access to campus.

It bears repeating, if during this time you are sick, exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive, or have been in contact with someone who is sick, exhibiting symptoms or tested positive — do not come to campus. You are advised to call your healthcare provider and please inform your supervisor and/or Human Resources.

Let’s not take unnecessary risks with our own or each other’s lives.

If you have any questions or concerns, please follow up with your respective Vice President or you can email me.

Thank you for understanding.

By William J. Fritz