I would like to update the campus community on our planning process for re-opening. On June 8, New York City began Phase 1 of Governor Cuomo’s New York Forward reopening plan. Education falls in Phase 4 of the Governor’s plan, the start date of which has not yet been established. If authorized by CUNY, Phase 2 of the NYS plan could allow for a very limited number of people to return to campus. Re-entry to campus would be based on our available resources and our ability to ensure health, safety, and well-being of the campus community.

At the University level, there are two separate task force teams that the Chancellor has in place to address the re-entry process. Information on CUNY’s planning can be found on their Website, CUNY Coronavirus updates

At CSI, we are taking steps to create campus-specific re-entry recommendations. I have tasked Provost Michael Parrish and Vice President Hope Berte with establishing and co-chairing a Health, Safety, and Re-entry Committee. The committee is charged with making recommendations on campus re-entry planning in the following areas:  campus preparedness and safety; student learning, life, and success; staff relations and wellness; and communications. External to the larger committee, we have established two Research committees, a Dolphin Cove Housing Committee, and an On-line Instruction and Continuity Committee. The membership of these committees will be posted to our Website.

My message today is not to answer the question of when we will return. Instead, I want to assure the campus community that we are actively discussing re-entry planning. Of course, most of our planning will rely heavily on guidance from CUNY and the State. I will share updates as the information becomes available.

By William J. Fritz