Information Technology Services is pleased to share our Annual Report for fiscal year 2019-2020. The initiatives highlighted in this report provide a snapshot of projects and services that Information Technology has implemented over the past year in order to sustain operations and provide for opportunities for the future. As you navigate the Annual Report, please visit areas listed on the left navigation bar, where you will find additional noteworthy accomplishments as well as some of the priorities planned for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

We are proud to share these accomplishments. As you can imagine, IT’s focus over the past year included support for remote learning and educational and administrative services. In order to accomplish this, I would like to recognize the IT team who worked tirelessly and collaboratively in order to arrive at solutions and sustain operations during this unprecedented time.

Speaking of solutions, please allow me to highlight some of the accomplishments detailed in the Annual Report, including virtual computer labs, Website enhancements, support for distance learning, and infrastructure/hardware upgrades. Also, the IT team should be recognized for their numerous conference presentations where they shared their knowledge and expertise among higher educational professionals. The “by the numbers section” is particularly telling, which provides data around the services and training we provide.

In closing, please take advantage of our online resources and training opportunities for faculty and staff, as well as technology literacy workshops for students. We are also more than happy to provide individual training, as well as conduct virtual workshops for your students or staff. Finally, please be sure to visit the Distance Learning Webpage for additional resources in support of online learning.

By Patricia Kahn, PhD