Faculty Center Info Hub (CSI): Faculty Center Drop-in Session Reminder for Week of October 12

In response to your ongoing requests for our extremely popular Virtual Drop-in Center, we will be continuing to offer expanded sessions throughout this week and next.  Drop-in Sessions can be accessed by using the Virtual Drop-in Center buttons located on the main page of the Faculty Center Info Hub (CSI) Bb Organization available to all teaching faculty at CSI.

Stop by at any time during the times listed above. Faculty Center Staff will be available throughout to answer your questions and assist you in any way possible with your online course(s).

For more information or questions about any of the workshops, courses, or assistance sessions offered by the Faculty Center for Professional Development at CSI please feel free to contact me directly at Kristen.Lindtvedt@csi.cuny.edu.

By Kristen Lindtvedt, MATLT