Grade rosters are now available through the faculty service menu in CUNYFirst.

As you know, the Board of Trustees of The City University of New York has approved the offering of a Flexible Grading Policy for the Fall 2020 term. This means that after you SUBMIT and POST (see below) final grades for the Fall 2020 semester, students will have the option of choosing Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) for individual credit-bearing, graded courses via CUNYfirst until Sunday, Jan. 10, 2020. **Some course will be excluded from this policy. A list, once approved, will follow by Wednesday.

Students should speak with their academic advisor and financial aid counselor before making this decision, as implications for opting in vary based on your academic program and financial aid eligibility.

If, after appropriate consultation, the student decides to take advantage of this policy in CUNYfirst, then: 

  • Selected courses in which the student received an B+-D will be converted to CR. 
  • Selected courses in which the student received an F will be converted to NC.   

Some important points regarding CR/NC:

  • Per the central auditing team, like last spring, no version of a W grade (W, WU, WD, WN) can be converted to an NC grade. The Ws mean that the student is no longer attending, and CR and NC apply to grades earned as a result of COMPLETING a course. 
  • Once selected, the CR/NC option cannot be reversed.
  • ​Courses taken for a letter grade will continue to be included in the semester and overall GPA calculations, while courses taken for Credit/No Credit will be excluded from calculation into the GPA.​ 
  • If a student exercises the option of Credit/No Credit, the No Credit (NC) grade will not negatively impact the student’s satisfactory progress toward degree completion.
  • Students will have until Jan. 10 to opt-in if they choose to do so.

A comprehensive FAQ will be available on the Web shortly. In the meantime, if you or your students have any questions at all, please feel free to email, in which representatives from the Center for Academic Advisement and Success, Financial Aid, and the Registrar’s offices will be available to respond. 

Instructions on how to enter your grades in CUNYfirst are online, along with the CSI grading symbols and clarification on when to assign D, F, INC, and WU grades. I encourage you to review the attached documents carefully.  Please contact Juline Robinson at if assistance or clarification is needed. 


Once you have entered all grades, you must change the Approval Status from the drop-down menu from “SAVE BUT NOT SUBMIT” to “SUBMIT GRADES TO REGISTRAR.” The POST button will appear at the bottom right side of the page and clicking the POST button will make the grades official and immediately available to the students.

Grades are due 48 hours after final exams are administered. Grades for all courses, including independent study sections, must be posted in CUNYfirst by Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2020 at 11:59pm. 

The Registrar’s Office understands that it has been a challenging semester for us all, but we strongly urge you to comply with the deadline for submission of your final grades.  Submitting grades on time will give our students the necessary opportunity to consult with their advisors before making their final decisions of opting-in to the Credit/No Credit grading option available for Fall 2020. Additionally, entering grades on time will prevent delays in conferral of degrees, degree verification for employers, enrollment for the Spring semester, and the completion of the Satisfactory Academic Progress determination for financial aid and the academic standing calculations.

By Kerri Gerson and Juline Robinson