We have received numerous inquiries and requests concerning eligibility for priority vaccinations and how to sign up. Please be advised that we are still awaiting further details from the State about ways to facilitate the vaccination process for CUNY’s eligible staff and any potential next steps. In the interim, please note the following pertinent information. 

  1. Eligible Employees and General Information: The list of the categories of employees who are covered by the NYS Department of Health and additional vaccination information is available online. The list will continue to change as federal and state guidance changes and more vaccines become available.  

2. Eligibility Confirmation: In order to confirm eligibility, register into the system, and then schedule vaccination appointments, employees who are filling the roles outlined in 1A/1B of the abovementioned DOH Website should get started by going online.     

3. Proof of Eligibility: Employees who obtain vaccination appointments will be asked to bring proof of eligibility. If eligibility is due to occupation, the proof of eligibility may be an employee ID card, a pay stub, etc., depending on the specific priority status. In addition, for your information, eligible New Yorkers can find vaccination sites and more information online and also schedule appointments.

We will continue to share information about the vaccination process as it become available.​

Be well and stay safe.

By the Office of Human Resources