Please be advised that if you received an email from Cindi.Assad with subject “IT Service Desk” stating that your Outlook account is temporarily suspended, ignore it.  The email is spam. One way to tell that an email message is spam is by looking at the “To” field. This message had as the originator of the message. This is an address that is not associated with CUNY. The message was scripted in a way that allows it to bypass spam detection. We have alerted our spam detection service of this new threat and they are working on having any future emails from this person detected and blocked.

The College will never send out an email stating that your email account is suspended. As always, if you are not certain that an email is legitimate, do not open it; just delete it.  However, if you do open it, do not click on any links in the email. This is how the virus/Trojan spreads and infects your computer. If you feel a questionable email may be legitimate, try and verify it with the sender or contact Technology Services. If you did click on the link in this particular email, change your password immediately and contact the HelpDesk at 718.982.3695 to have your computer scanned.