As vaccines for COVID-19 become available, you may soon be faced with the decisions of whether and when to be vaccinated. As you weigh these choices, it can be helpful to ground yourself with reliable information about the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccines in general.

The online tip sheet, COVID-19 Vaccine: Making the Decision, is a useful starting point for understanding the benefits and risks of getting the vaccine, as well as what the vaccine can and can’t do.

In addition, the following Websites provide answers to FAQ’s regarding the COVID-19 vaccination:


Mayo Clinic



Please also be reminded of the other COVID-19 resources featured online. The COVID-19 Info tab, featured in the “News for You” section mid-way down on the homepage, is designed to keep you informed on the pandemic’s current status and to provide tools to strengthen emotional resilience and preparedness. Check back regularly for continuously updated resources on:

•             Physical health

•             Emotional health

•             Quarantine wellness

•             Working during the pandemic

•             Caregiving and parenting

•             Coping with grief and disappointment

•             Financial tips

•             Online programming

By Anne Alarcon