Please be reminded that verification rosters are due today. All students marked as non-attending will receive a WN grade tomorrow morning.

Also, today is the Form A/Census date. Today is the date our official enrollment is captured.  Also, it is the:

  • Last day to change or declare a major/minor to be effective in spring term.
  • Last day to request Pass/Fail option.
  • Last day to drop for 25% tuition refund.
  • Last day to drop without a grade of ‘W.’
  • Date in which Verification of Enrollment Rosters are due from faculty.
  • Last day to register for an independent study course for the spring

Please remind students to review the academic calendar, as the dates within have great impact on their academic success. The next important date is:

  • Monday, Mar. 1 – Last day for students to apply for June 2021 graduation.

Finally, as a reminder, any student not registered for a course, as evidenced by inclusion on your course roster, should not be allowed to attend class meetings  Allowing students to “sit in” impacts:

  • Financial aid allocations
  • The National Student Clearinghouse enrollment verification files
  • Our form A/census data accuracy (causing audit issues)
  • The verification of enrollment process
  • The ability to locate those impacted by any emergency
  • The student’s ability to access Blackboard

Thank you in advance for your continued support in helping us adhere to these dates and deadline put into place to support our students.

By Kerri Gerson