Discover Early Childhood EDU has recognized CSI’s Early Education Program.

Discover Early Childhood EDU has ranked the College of Staten Island Number 11 of its Top 85 Most Affordable Early Childhood Programs 2021.

In its description of CSI, Discover Early Childhood EDU said, “College of Staten Island CUNY has a specialized birth to second grade early childhood education program that leads to teaching certification in the state of New York. Students are required to complete a highly strict and detailed sequence of coursework to qualify for graduation, including at least a 3.0 GPA. It is essential to meet this academic standard to be able to continue with the program.”

The organization’s Website explains the methodology behind the rankings: “When ranking early childhood education programs, Discover Early Childhood EDU used the very best data available. In fact, most of our rankings are based on government sources, which provide us with unbiased and objective information. However, we also recognize that no ranking system will ever be perfect…we have devised a system that will help students make the very best choices for their educational experience. Each program has received the same treatment and we have done our best to eliminate any sort of bias in our system. Students can confidently use our information to help make their decisions, which should then be informed by campus visits and admissions interviews.”

By Editor